The Geothermal Energy Fund

GeoTermico is a new venture launched by Renewable Energy Partner in partnership with a team of independent international geothermal experts from countries like Iceland, U.S., Turkey, New Zealand and Germany.

GeoTermico will invest between US$ 100-150 Million over 5 – 10 projects across the cycle of the Fund at a rate of 2-3 projects per annum.

GeoTermico will enter geothermal projects, based on a phased approach, where initial exploration work has been conducted. It will take over and carry out all exploration and drilling activity based on the advice and experience of its team of experts in the fields of:
- Geology
- Drilling
- Engineering
- Project management / development
- Financing
- Legal / regulatory

GeoTermico will require a clear exit strategy before entry. Exit will be based on required return and defined minimum proven resource.

If you would like to get in touch with us regarding this new venture or would like to request a copy

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Further details will soon be published on the website so also please keep an eye on our latest News and Events.